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 PNC Park Bulkhead Wall

Some of the recent work we have done.

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Sheeting Wall with Anchors

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Duquesne University
Auger Cast Piles

Aspenwall Piles

PennDOT Shoring & Piles

wpe94.jpg (53108 bytes)

PNC Park Cofferdam

wpe92.jpg (37140 bytes)

PNC Park Cofferdam

wpe33.jpg (46093 bytes)

Home Depot N. Versailles Wall

McArdle Bridge Anchors

wpe31.jpg (53232 bytes)

Home Depot Collier Twp. Wall

wpe9F.jpg (33744 bytes)

Oakmont Retaining Wall

wpeB.jpg (40098 bytes)

Allegheny Power 
Micro Piles

wpe5.jpg (34918 bytes)

Children's Hospital
Auger Cast & Shoring

wpe48.jpg (40299 bytes)

PennDot SR 837
Micro piles


wpe9D.jpg (49401 bytes)
USX Bulkhead wall w/anchors

wpe46.jpg (38536 bytes)

Home Depot


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